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Pitch A Tent 2022 is Coming!


August 5-8th, Flagstaff, AZ


Large festival production with an intimate family affair feel. Enjoy memorizing melodies and thumping bass lines from world-class Artists and DJs. 


Psychedelic and transformative installations day to night. Explore various masterpieces from some of Arizonas most creative minds.


Freeing, gorgeous and serene. Immerse yourself fully into the beauty that is the Arizona forest. Take in all the amenities it has to offer and escape the grid. 

Camping Festival
August 5-8th
Flagstaff, AZ

Experience camping like you never have before, with Pitch A Tent! Pitch A Tent is an event you won’t ever forget. Music, Camping & Friends. You couldn’t ask for a better Weekend!

Tickets on Sale Now Here


Pitch A Tent curates a wide array of sonic tastes. We specialize techno, house and trance frequencies, but we also will be delivering some heart pounding bass and D&B parties at PAT 2021. You can also find our Day Sessions party full of ultra chill deep house and ambient genres. 

We will have art installations to explore, a comedy show to laugh at, a self-care sunday, many wellness events like mimosa movement, dance & poi workshops from AZ’s best, a camp photo, art classes, hiking trails, beer pong and so much more!  

Yes, 1) We have Layaway GA option to break up the GA ticket into two payments. 2) You can check out with PayPal and use there pay over 4 option.  3) You can sign up for zip.co/us and pay over 4 payments as well. 

Yes, all vehicles entering the property must purchase a car pass. Car passes do not need to be purchased on top of an RV pass. 

Camping spots are first come first serve. You can guarantee a great spot, buy purchasing a early arrival pass and entering the festival on Thursday. 

Yes, there are a few showers. Be sure to bring Bio-degradable soap/shampoo. 

Yes, with the purchase of an RV Pass.

Yes! We recommend everyone brings enough food, water, clothing and shelter that they need to live and enjoy a weekend in nature. 

Tickets on Sale Now Here

Yes, we will food vendors, but Ice is not always guaranteed so its a good idea to bring what you need.

Yes, the property has always been accessible by some of the smallest cars and every year the roads have improved beyond that. 

Verizon has service on the festival property, but it slows at peak festival times and the service is more spotty in the forest on the way to the festival grounds. 

We sincerely apologize, but we do not allow pets of any kind on the festival/camping grounds form our patrons. You will be turned away at the gate. It is a liability issues for our insurance vendor. 

Playa Ponderosa is located 40 min south of flagstaff off of lake mary road. You can access the route that way or through Munds Park. More directions are sent through the tickets and are also posted closer to the event. 

BYOE: Bring Your Own Everything. 

-Camping gear -Comfortable sleeping setup -Cool and Warm clothes -Extra layers -Comfortable walking/hiking shoes that can get wet and muddy -Food & EXTRA food (this is often under prepared for many) -Toilet paper -Water and EXTRA water -Alcohol (If you partake) -Costumes-Ice-Cash for vendors, emergencies and re-entry ($5 per day for re-entry) -Lights & Glowstix (dont be be lost in the dark) -Trash Bags -A Fun & positive Attitude-Enough room to take back out erything you bring. (THERE ARE NO TRASHES ON SITE) -Drones or Cameras-Shade or shade structures -Fans or anything to keep you cool -Bio-Degradeable soap & shampoos (regural stuff damages the environment) -Towells-Hand sanitizer-Medications-Sunscreen-Bug spray-Etc. – Good times and Good vibes.

-WEAPONS -Amplified sound that is being used for any kind of performance -Bad vibes-Dbags -Drama -Unnecessary moop (packaging, plastic wrap, etc) -Fire works of any kind-Altars -ATV, buggy or recreational vehicles -Animals and pets (you will be turned away)-Rouge event camps -Unprepared attendees -Excessive plastic water bottles or similar wasteful product casings

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